Marriage- If you are planning to get married at St. Stephen Catholic Church, call the pastor to set up a meeting.

Baptism - Baptisms are scheduled with the pastor. Call to make arrangements.

First Communion - First Communion classes are taught in the 2nd grade Communion Class.  This year First Communion is scheduled for Sunday, April 28th.  If you are older than 2nd grade and have not received your First Communion, call the Religious Education Coordinator, or the pastor.

Reconciliation - First Reconciliation, for students preparing to make their First Communion, is scheduled in December.  Students are prepared for this sacrament in the 2nd grade during Religious Education Classes.

Parishioners wishing to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation are able to do so every Saturday evening before the 5:00 Mass.

Confirmation - Confirmation is a two-year program.  First year students will generally be ninth grade students. The second year preparation class includes anyone who attended the first year classes (usually 10th and 11th graders).  Confirmation students meet twice per month.  See the "Events" calendar for class times.

Anointing of the Sick - Anyone in need of the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick should call the pastor. 

*** We do want to know when you are in the hospital. If you or your family member is a patient at Beloit Memorial Hospital and you wish a visit from a priest or parish member (with the Eucharist), you MUST specifically tell the hospital staff to list you as a member of St. Stephens every time you are admitted. Privacy laws prohibit the hospital from doing so without your permission. If you are in another area hospital, please call St. Stephen’s Parish Office (676-2241) or have the hospital staff notify us if you wish a visit. Thank you.

Remembering Our Loved Ones In Death and In Life

In each Mass that is said in our parish, and most parishes, the priest has a personal intention or prayer remembrance, These intentions are usually requested by parish members and are often for deceased loved ones. The intention can also be for a significant event such as a wedding, birthday, anniversary or any special intention, person or need. For this request, a small stipend is offered, presently $10.00. To schedule a Mass or Masses call the parish office-608-676-2241.